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Just what is it about anime? What makes anime so fun to watch? These are my reasons anyway...

Character Depth

How many times do you get to know fictional characters so well that they seem to have a personality all their own? They become so real you almost wouldn't be surprised if they leapt off the screen and started interacting in real life. Anime characters have so much depth: they have their own little quirks, pet peeves, and bad habits. I find myself many times feeling emotions like regret, sadness, pride, joy for the characters as if their situation were real. One can see the characters actually grow as a "person" over time. Yet, they do not always make simple jumps in their character, but change slowly and continuously like in reality. Bottom line, the characters in anime get as developed as any show here.


I had never seen such interesting and varied plots as in anime. Even ones that seem like 'the same old thing' always find a way to make it interesting or hilarious. How about a story about a guy who tries to order takeout and he accidentally orders a goddess who then becomes his girlfriend? Or a girl who gets pulled into an ancient book and must act out the story before she can return home, or she never will. Ever heard of a guy who fell into a cursed well and now turns into a girl when is splashed with cold water? If you haven't, you need to watch more anime =P

The bishounen =P

In English, the 'pretty boys'

A bit of a joke here... Everyone knows about how anime has created the image of the stereotypical 'Japanese school girl'. In fact, the <<censored>>...appearence of the typical anime female is one of the most well-known aspects. But ladies, if you really think about it, boy do they know how to draw guys! My personal favorite? Tamahome from Fushigi Yuugi. His eyes are a deep purple and his hair falls into his eyes just right. When he looks at Miaka, there is just no beating that!