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Wallpapers come for both 800x600 and 1024x768 resolutions. I tried to make one in 1200x900 resolution and it didn't look very good. Click on the desired resolution then right click on the wallpaper and choose either 'set as background' or 'set as wallpaper'


FY: suzaku
    800x600   1024x768
Fushigi Yuugi--Suzaku and Suzaku no Miko, Miaka
FY: seiryuu
    800x600   1024x768
Fushigi Yuugi--Seiryuu and Seiryuu no Miko, Yui
FY: tasuki
    800x600   1024x768
Fushigi Yuugi--Tasuki doing his fire attack
sailor moon: mars
    800x600   1024x768
Sailor Moon--Sailor Mars with part of a Robert Frost poem "Fire and Ice" in the background
tenchi: sasami/ryoko/washuu
   800x600   1024x768
Tenchi Muyo!--Sasami, Aeka, and Ryoko
    800x600   1024x768
Utena--A collage of images
utena: black rose
    800x600   1024x768
Utena-Mikage, Mamiya, and two of the black rose duelists Shiori and Kozue
utena: juri/shiroi
    800x600   1024x768
Utena--Juri and Shiori
utena: juri/ruka
    800x600   1024x768
Utena--Ruka and Juri Ruka has his hand over Juri's eyes, blocking her from the ray of light.
utena: akio
    800x600   1024x768
Utena--A collage featuring Akio *_* *_*