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Forums/Online Communitites

Gaia Online anime roleplaying community   A fun online community. You get your own avatar (character) when you register so you can role-play while posting in the forums. There is also a large database of anime/manga/video game links and an art gallery for fanart. Plus lots of fun little extras like earning clothes for your avatar and such =D

General Anime

Anime Genesis   Offers a comprehensive info section, image gallery, fanart, wallpapers and much more. The section on webmaster tips for making a better website is great!

Anime Cubed   Large collection of wallpapers and images. Also, fun quizzes, omake, postcards, and a fandom section

Anime Jump!   Anime reviews, editorials, feature and parody articles, and convention reports

Anime Lab   Large directory of sites plus chat, fan works, image galleries, and Japanese sections

Anime Lyrics   Ever had a song stuck in your head (in Japanese even?). Find the lyrics here and sing to your heart's content. Besides anime lyrics it also has j-pop, game, and dance music lyrics.

Anime Web Turnpike   The biggest anime and manga archive on the web. Find links to anything you need. A new search feature makes the site even more helpful.

Otaku World   Huge archive of graphics, games, toys, and more! Subscription required for the coolest stuff.


J-List   Great site for all things Japanese, and I mean ALL. Bento boxes, dish sets, t-shirts, photobooks, calendars, and of course anime toys and huge selection of snacks and food... The list goes on and on. Both PG-13 and adult versions available.

Anime Nation   Huge store with the latest items. Also has news and fandom channels.

Asylum Anime   Large selection with a wide range of anime to choose your toys from ^_^ Also has great section of Japanese snacks. Prices cant be beat.

ChibiTokyo   DVDs, CD's, manga, and artbooks, wallscrolls, posters, and models...

Japanimation   Several stores in one. Japanese and Asian(general), DragonballZ, Sailor Moon, and Cowboy BeBop.

AMV (anime music video)

Doki Doki Productions   Great music video site. Doki Doki has done such videos as 'Right Now' (Van Halen) and 'Senshi on Springer' (Weird Al)

Kusoyaro Productions   Interesting name, great videos. Download videos on site or use one of their many FTP locations.

Aluminum Studios   I am constantly impressed with the videos produced from this site. Wow. Aluminum has done, among other things, several Sailor Senshi videos (Mercury, Venus, and Mars), 'The Quest for Dokinum' (very funny) and several DDR videos.


The Manga Translation Garden    find translations for several popular manga series including Please Save My Earth and Shoujo Kakumei Utena.

Megatokyo   Highly recommended web comic about two guys who take a random trip to Japan and get stuck there.


Japanese Engrish   Hilarious archive of the attempts by the Japanese -or Chinese, Korean, or almost anywhere- to use English. Provides hours of amusement.

Japanese Writing   Learn to write the kana (both hirigana and katakana) and even some kanji. Correct stroke order is part of the lesson.

Jeffrey's Japanese Dictionary    Highly featured translation dictionary. Supports EUC, JIS, and Shift-JIS

Jim Breen's Japanese-English Dictionary    Highly featured translation dictionary.

Kana Review   Practice your knowledge of hirigana and katakana with this interactive site. Select as many or as few characters as you want to practice with. It will give you the character and you type in the corresponding romaaji.