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Wow, has it been a year. Yeah, well between searching for a job, and then adjusting to a new job, then getting married, and oh yeah, lest I forget...my computer chronically losing it's internet connection for vast periods of time... I haven't had so much time for the site. I would have fixed the computer, but I haven't even the time for that really...I just dont have time like I did during school. But I hope everyone still enjoys what is here already and maybe sometime I can get back in the rhythm of updating.


My thesis is written, defended, and graduate school is over, YAY. So to relax finally, I made a bunch of new cursors and busy/waiting cursors. Enjoy ^_^


Another section has been added to 'Features'. Now enjoy funny anime scenarios and lists.


I have added many more series to the synopses page. Now over 50 are listed =D Also, I have been doing lots of little 'clean ups' of my coding that I put off when things were getting busier in real life.


Several quizzes have been added and the convention page has been updated with new cosplay photos!


Four Evangelion cursors have been added to the graphics section. The links section has been vastly increased (I've been needing to do that for forever).


Anime Sekai is officially up! This site was formerly Sailor Anime and has moved to a new domain with a totally new layout. I've finally got accustomed to both graduate school and a boyfriend so look for more frequent updates than the last year at Sailor Anime. Thanks for visiting!