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Who would do what if Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu formed a rap group?
this needs a bit of explanation. A song from one of the MKR song collections is done in a 'rap-like' style. Suffice it to say, it immediately made me think of Hikaru dripping with gold chains wearing a backwards cap as she spun out the lyrics. So, Steve and I thought of what a studio session or concert might look like with the three magic knights as rappers.

she is the lead rapper out in front. She's wearing lots of gold chains, one of them spelling out 'Cephiro' in large letters.

Fuu is in the back 'scratching'. In other words, doing that thing on the turntable where they move the record back and forth against the needle and it makes that scratchy sounds. She has earphones hanging around her neck and big black sunglasses.

Umi is either in the studio booth mixing the tape or on stage dancing next to Fuu. She is wearing a sharp pin-stripe suit and sporting a couple gold teeth.

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